Renewable Weg Parts

RENEWABLE WEG PARTS INDIA PVT LTD (RWPIPL) is a professional Engineering firm incorporated during the year 2018 and started by professionals who have decades of experience in various industries including more than 15 years expertise in WIND industry.

  • RWPIPL is a one stop solution for the customer when it comes to wind turbine spare parts.
  • RWPIPL has expertise in technical due-diligence, third party inspection, sourcing, logistics solution, quality assurance, metallurgy and so on.

RWPIPL has many professionals who have expertise in following

1. Sourcing of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic parts for the wind industry viz, cables, sensors, switch gear parts, control panels, controllers etc exactly as per customer specification. Alternate parts can also be suggested if OEM parts are not available or obsolete. The parts thus sourced will be thoroughly inspected by RWPIPL’s expert quality assurance team and then only will be delivered to the customers. In this way, customer is assured of not only the correct part, but also a working part. In other words, sourcing by RWPIPL team doesn’t end in just getting the part, but also involves other support activities like, technical interaction, inspection, testing etc.
2. Sourcing of mechanical parts for the wind industry. RWPIPL team has expertise in sourcing any mechanical part for the wind industry, be it casting or forging or welded parts. Casting components like hub, machine frame, yaw top, main bearing housing etc. can be sourced with ease. Forging parts like main shaft, tower flanges etc. can also be sourced. The components will be exactly as per the drawings/specification of the customer. Similarly, any welded/fabricated parts can be sourced and supplied.
3. Bought out components like gearbox, bearings, generators, motors, fasteners etc. can also be sourced by RWPIPL team.
4. RWPIPL team has expertise in sourcing wind turbine parts for any size and rating of the turbine. What we need is the correct specification / drawing and special requirements, if any.
5. RWPIPL has tie-up with a composite blade manufacturing unit in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. RWPIPL has also contacts with many other blade manufacturers around the world. Based on the needs of the customer, composite blades can be either manufactured in-house or can be outsourced.
6. RWPIPL can also provide technical consultancy and technical due- diligence services.
7. Any specific or special requirements of the customer can also be addressed due to very vast experience and expertise of RWPIPL team. RWPIPL can provide cost effective and reliable products to the customer.